Have you read through the research studies, understood the principles of bright light therapy, bought your lamp and learned about the treatment protocols? Congratulation, I am happy to hear you are on your way to feeling better!

Before you go, last advices for the journey:

Don’t forget your provender!

Light is great but humans are not especially proficient in photosynthesis. In fact, we need many nutrients to produce serotonin and other brain chemicals – and there is no point in shining on yourself while starving to death (or depression). Try some veggies and eat enough: lack of energy due to poor diet can be strongly adding up with depression.

Sleep and exercise!

The key to getting rid of depression is the right balance in the brain and in the social world – which is hard to reach with constant disruptions from lack of sleep or physical exercise. On the other hand, don’t sleep too much, that would disrupt the equilibrium as well. Seven to eight hours (or six to seven in elderly) are normally the right amount of sleep.

Don’t stay alone!

There are no lions around nowadays that would endanger you physically. But humans are social animals and we have many studies proving that people do better in society – and depression is one of the key results of loneliness. Keep in touch with your loved ones – or make some new ones! People do have their flaws but generally speaking, we are all doing our best. It does not matter that much whom you are with – but build few relationships with some amount of acceptance and trust, it pays off.

Be aware that we are here for you!

You are not alone. There are hundreds of millions of people suffering with depression. Also, there are millions of doctors and psychologists out there to help you! We all devoted decades to learning how a suffering human can be helped. You are more than welcome to come knocking on our door whenever you might feel overwhelmed.

Finally, stay curious!

Learning more about lamps may be a great exercise – as well as learning in general, visiting new places, meeting new people and trying new activities. Unexpected, novel things elicit interest of the brain, which is exactly what you need! Gradually, novel stimuli will become a source of pleasure, as you will become more open to new possibilities and happy again.

Now, you are ready to get better. Let the lampshine in!