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Our mission is to fight spurious skepticism about bright light therapy on one side and exaggerated claims on the other.

As of 2019, there was no trustful resource about the phototherapy in mental health available to the public. Besides lengthy scientific studies, there were few summaries on web presentations of organizations like American Association of Psychology or the Mayo Clinic, too brief to provide the reader with comprehensive understanding of the light therapy. Other websites devoted to bright light therapy were often biased, full of commercial press releases, and often promoting untested, dubious or even fraudulent devices.

As of the beginning 2020, there is us: the


The presented studies are chosen quasi-randomly, based on their impact, recency and subjectively perceived quality, with respect to our ultimate goal: approximate the scientific validation of light therapy to the average reader. Studies are presented regardless of whether they support BLT or not. Saying that, however, we need to acknowledge that our overview may still be influenced by publication bias making some studies more or less likely to be cited in literature and therefore influencing the chances that we may review them.


We may receive payments or other benefits related to the links and recommendations published. Any recommendations made, profitable or not, are based on scientific evidence and our best knowledge. We only accept payments from providers offering products or services clinically superior or equal to other available options.

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